This website is no longer maintained since Dr. Changwoo Min left Virginia Tech to join Igalia, a worker-owned open source consultancy.

My research interests fall into the broad area of computer systems, including operating systems, storage systems, concurrency, distributed systems, and systems security. I am particularly interested in the cross-layer work of developing software solutions by leveraging emerging new hardware technologies.

I lead the COSMOSS (COmputer Systems, Memory, and OS Security) Lab at Virginia Tech.

Before joining Virginia Tech in August 2017, I was a research scientist at Georgia Tech working with Prof. Taesoo Kim. In February 2014, I completed my Ph.D at Sungkyunkwan University, under the guidance and support of Prof. Young Ik Eom. For storage systems, I have closely collaborated with Prof. Sang-Won Lee. Before starting my Ph.D., I developed various software products including Linux-based mobile platform (Tizen), Java virtual machine (J9), and desktop operating system (OS/2) in Samsung Electronics and IBM.

I am always looking for talented Ph.D. students, postdocs, and visiting scholars. If you are enthusiastic to computer systems or system security research, please contact me with your CV.